Family Portraits Gold Coast

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Family portraits – Alves Family

Portraits-Gold Coast

I met this lovely lady at a business networking meeting on the Gold Coast and was so happy to be asked to create some beautiful family portraits of her and her children. We shot this at Currumbin Valleys Eco Village on the Gold Coast. This is a great country style location, often when you arrive at this spot there are kangaroos grazing which gets the kids really excited and their smiles on for their family photos.  The bridge setting at Eco Village is one of my favourite to work late afternoon. It is very quiet with few people around and a great rustic location for photographs. The lighting at this location is best one hour before sunset, leaving time to get to another great Gold Coast location in time for sunset, Currumbin Beach.

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Steele Family – Palm Beach, sunrise -Gold Coast

Family photos-Palm Beach

Amazing Gold Coast sunrise at Palm Beach, so much fun working with this charming extended family. Three generations of family, some on the Gold Coast on holidays and the others local to Palm Beach. I enjoyed working with both the adults and cheeky boys, who were full of beans at this early hour.  There are two times only to do beach family portraits. There is Sunrise and Sunset. Whilst you can photography family portraits on any beach on the Gold Coast its a little more difficult in the afternoon due to the high rise buildings dropping shadows on the beach. I have been a resident of the Gold Coast now for 16 years and know a lot of great locations for family portrait photos, and the best time to photograph at them. Call me….I can help you plan your family portrait shoot. I also have ideas for styling so as your family photos are loved for a lifetime.

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Family Portraits – Eco Village, Currumbin

Family Photography-Gold Coast

This delightful family were fun to work with, we did a combination of family photos of all of them and some head shots for mum and dads business’s on the same day. Mums photos are displayed in the ‘business head shot’ section of my website. The family photos were shot at Currumbin Valley in a pocket called Eco Village, just inside the gate is this area, where Kangaroos graze daily. Its a very special little spot close enough to head to the beach after for some beach shots as well, its only about 10-15 mins drive from The Alley, Currumbin Beach. I love the rustic bridge at Eco Village and there is an amazingly huge old tree with a swing under it, and great for posing for family portraits under.  From the beach to the bush to graffitied alleyways of the Gold Coast I have the perfect photographic location for your individual family.

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Family Portraits – Sarah and her baby bump

Pregnancy Photos-Gold Coast

Along with model portfolios and boudoir photos, I also put pregnancy photos in this category, of making women look great and have memories they are proud to bring out for their friends and family for years to come.  I have a beachfront studio at Palm Beach and lots of props etc to help to hide the bits you need to hide and enhance the bits you do want to make a feature of like your pregnant belly.  I can do just your pregnancy photos or I can do an affordable package deal with new born photos to be done one month later. Two very different shoots but both part of your babies identity in the baby book. With Sarahs photos, featured in this blog, we did quite a lot of different looks, that is how I charge for pregnancy photos…by how many looks you want. I have pinned lots of different photos that I would be able to do at my beachfront studio at Palm Beach onto a Pinterest board if you would like to go there for some ideas. Happy to work with what you want, or you can leave the creativity to me, up to you. Either way you will end up with some great pregnancy photos.

Family portraits – Parkins Family

Family Photographs-Rainbow Bay and Currumbin Beach-Gold Coast

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I first did this families portraits back in 2013 at Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast. This family is so photogenic! Rainbow Bay is a great photo spot in winter on the Gold Coast because the sun sets over the ocean because of the way the bay faces.  This family recently returned for some updated family portraits,  In 2017 we shoot the family portraits at Eco Village in Currumbin hinterland and also at Currumbin Beach at the spot called “The Alley”

I love doing updated family portraits on The Gold Coast and seeing the children grow up!

Recently I went to the families home to have my hair done by the mum, Kelly and get to see the wall of family photos from the first family photo shoot. Such a nice feeling to know that my work is being loved on their wall.  Loving it!!!

Family Portraits – Travers Family

Studio Family Portraits-Gold Coast

Family portraits taken at Simone D Photography, beachfront studio. Such a lovely family! Its a shame that they have the hard ship of cancer troubling them at the moment. Isaac is such a gorgeous boy!

Great news! The Travers family return 5 years later for more family portraits for the mum, grandma’s 50th birthday. Isaac is well now and has a new baby sister, now there is 3 siblings, he also has a new cousin as you will see in the photos.

These photos were taken at the dog beach at Palm Beach, overlooking The Alley… we were heading to Currumbin Alley for the family portraits but there was still mess left over from the Commonwealth Games so we changed location at the last minute.

It was a gorgeous pink sunset on this day and we got some great family photos. It was great to meet the rest of the family, the other daughters/sisters.

The girls all did the styling and decided to wear all different shades of blue for the portraits to match the colour of the water and it worked well.  Later I did up a collage of 6 of the family photos onto a photo of just the beach with all of the Gold Coast in the background.


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