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Location photography and studio shots

model portfolio-Fabiana

Model portfolio Gold Coast

This is a shoot done of Fabiana, she wanted nude shots of herself but not showing too much. My brief was to make her look like she was caught unaware.  The shoot was in NSW at a friend of hers property. Creating great model portfolios and modern boudoir photos on the Gold Coast to help you get great model portfolios and a snap in time for your memories 

model portfolio

Model-Acting portfolios-Gold Coast

Some model portfolio photos for the boys…shot at magnificent locations on the Gold Coast or in my beachfront studio at Palm Beach

model portfolios – Laura

Professional Model Portfolio photographer-Gold Coast

Laura, a fitness instructor seeks modelling work. Together we shot a  Professional Model Portfolio photographer-Gold Coast. I photographed Laura’s wedding back in 2011.

A few years later she was pregnant with Andy and came to me for a pregnancy shoot.

They loved the pregnancy  photos. When Andy was born she got me to photograph their  family portraits. This year being in better shape than she has ever been, is trying her hand at modelling.

We and I did these 3 looks over a few days, taking into consideration the best lighting times, whilst doing outdoor shoots. The photos shot in my beachfront studio at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast were not subject to lighting conditions. These can be done at any time of the day as we use professional studio lighting. Laura and I had a lot of fun doing these shoots. Model portfolios like boudoir photography can be very empowering for women and help with their confidence, femininity and sensuality.

Each model brings some of their own items to wear, working out themselves (with help) what sorts of looks they would like to do. I have a range of clothing for those who struggle with outfits and lots of accessories to co-ordinate.  I am able to help with hair makeup changes between shoots. I can also do your hair and make-up from scratch or organise a professional make-up artist for you if you do not have your own.

My favourite of Laura’s looks is the bohemian one, we did these photos at the back of a local cafe in Palm Beach.  There are so many beautiful locations on the Gold Coast.

I have a lot of knowledge of local locations for the shoots and all of the things I have listed are what makes me a Professional Model Portfolio photographer-Gold Coast -Palm Beach.

Boudoir in studio

Boudoir Photography Gold Coast

After photographing this stunning ladies wedding, and whilst she was in training for a body building competition she decided to get some modern boudoir style photos with me. We did four model style looks, with a boudoir touch.  This was all shot in Simone D Photography’s beachfront studio at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. It really is a lot of fun to create these type of creative shoots and we have a lot of laughs along the way. In the end the girls come out with more confidence and a sense of empowerment along with stunning photos to show their children and grandchildren for years to come. 


Boudoir photography-Gold Coast


Whilst Boudoir photography traditionally has an old time or timeless feel to it…if you do more than one look with your creative input quite often I do some of the photos with a more modern style so as you get very different photos from your boudoir photo shoot. Above and below we have some modern boudoir that I have created, Briony very young and easy to make look good…Naomi’s shoot was very different, her husband and her came up from country Victoria to elope to Gold Coast Hinterland for their wedding. After as there was no reception as such as they eloped, Naomi came back to my studio for a few hours and did some alluring photos for her new husband.