Same Sex Marriage

Sonya called me from Sydney only about 6 weeks before hers and Claudias wedding day, asking about my affordable wedding photography packages I had advertised.  I am always happy to explain my service but as the conversation went on I began to realise this was a same sex marriage and my first one at that, only months after marriage between same sex couples became legal. I was so excited!  I had voted for the equal rights and had cried when same sex marriage was announced as legal, with a gay brother that I always felt, grew up feeling like he did not fit in…not only not fitting in but in the days when we were young and discovering our sexuality we lived in Tasmania where it was actually at that point in time illegal to be gay, ned alone any gay marriage talk was surely frowned upon.

Sonya was easy to get along with right from the beginning, and the photography of this same sex couple was so much fun!  I had always thought it would probably be a lot easier being with a woman than a man if you were that way inclined but never imagined that even photographing two women getting married on Burleigh Beach on the Gold Coast would feel so much different than photographing a man and a woman.

Claudia and Sonya walked down the Burleigh Heads Path to their gay marriage ceremony in John Laws Park dressed in colourful identical dresses accompanied by a friend playing guitar on the site where their marriage celebrant and their guest waited for their arrival for the morning wedding ceremony. It was a stunning early Autumn day on the Gold Coast, and around 50 colourful guests came from a far.

After their celebrant Belinda Bailey wrapped up the very entertaining ceremony, we went further up Burleigh Hill for a group photo on the slope and into the Burleigh Headland trail where we could get some shade amongst the pandas trees. After those wedding photos the wedding party and I went down on to the very crowded Burleigh Beach for some quick shoeless photos in the sun and then on to Justins Lane Pizzeria on the Gold Coast Hwy of Burleigh Heads for the wedding Reception.  I only had two hours with the same sex couple but when I left I could see they would certainly make a great job that day of celebrating the same sex marriage on the beautiful Gold Coast of Sonya and Clauida.

Two hours of laughter and fun!

Congratulations Claudia and Sonya, I am glad you chose me to be part of it. 


Family Photos

This is one of my favourite family photo shoots. The family came up with these two amazing locations that I will certainly use again. The first is a graffiti lined alley way in Miami, Gold Coast. Very colourful!

I love lots of colour in photographs!  The second location is Pizzy Park close by the first location. This location is far more natural colours a great contrast to the first.  I love people to bring their pets to include in their family portraits, its worth the extra effort, to include them. I absolutely love dogs and think they belong in your family photos if they are part of your family.



Elopement Gold Coast

Luck of The Irish!

Elopement Gold Coast, Australia.

Late one Thursday afternoon in December on Main Beach on The Gold Coast of Australia, Geraldine and James Murphy all the way from Ireland for their wedding.  The clouds and a storm loomed for a few hours before the ceremony but the rain held off until after the ceremony and the beach photos were taken and down she came. The rain was torrential but only for about an hour and then it was beautiful again!  Thats life on The Gold Coast of Australia, we often say “Beautiful One day and Perfect the next!”  The ceremony was beautiful, with celebrant Kate Guiney. She is so genuinely lovely.

The moody sky was a great backdrop and thank goodness the reception was only across the road at the Southport Yacht Club, because we had to run!

Geraldine and James have actually been together for 25 years. They had just never married. Their son and daughter who are adults were there grooms people. They brought their partners with them from Ireland for the event and the rest of their guests which were mainly family about 12 people were locals from the Gold Coast.


Palm Beach wedding

This wedding, booked for The Abbey, Gold Coast venue was cancelled the morning of the wedding because The Gold Coast was flooded. There was no way in or out of the venue they had booked a year before.

The young couple Anna and Ryan took it in their stride and without too much panic booked another wedding venue that morning 31st March 2017. Pacific Surf Life Saving Club came to the rescue and were able to set up a wedding for 45 guests with just 5 hours notice.

Pacific SLSC is absolute beachfront which is obviously great for wedding photography at sunset but with the vintage cars in front it was extra special.  A photographers dream.



Burleigh Wedding Photography

Burleigh Beach Photography



Such a gorgeous couple! On Friday 31 March at North Burleigh Heads James and Natsuhi were married by Helen Coglan- Gold Coast Celebrant.



This was the day after cyclone Katrina swung past the Gold Coast. With no back up plan for if it rained, the couple were extremely lucky to have no rain during their ceremony.



It did rain intermittently after the ceremony but as a photographer with great knowledge of Burleigh Heads, I knew just the spot where we could take photos with the cars in front of the beach and where we could be out of the rain while we waited for another gap. We all had fun doing these shots. We got some great shots with moody skies.



Natsuhi’s parents and some girlfriends came from Japan which was lovely for her.



I made the couple a really beautiful wedding album a month later which looked incredible.



They have since had the baby. Zachary a beautiful baby boy! Even though they were busy with the end of pregnancy and James back to work….they still each left me lovely reviews on my Facebook which I was really happy with.




















This is what Natsuhi said:
Natsuhi Connor reviewed Simone D Photography — 5 star
April 3 ·
Simone did a great job taking our photos on our special day even it wasn’t perfect weather. She also made extra time for us to take beautiful photo shoots on the beach and top of the hill at North Burleigh after rain and all of the photos came up nicely. We are very happy with the photos and appreciate everything she has done for us. We do recommend everyone to you Simone on their special days!




















Loving my Job!

Simone 🙂

Mixed Model Photos

Model Portfolios/Boudoir shots Gold Coast

The model photos I have in the mixed model section are ones I have pulled from my archives, most of the being from years ago, this is why I do not have a few of each model. I did not always keep my files organised as they are today.  After you receive your photos. I always keep a back up in case something happens to yours.


model portfolio-Fabiana

Model portfolio Gold Coast

This is a shoot done of Fabiana, she wanted nude shots of herself but not showing too much. My brief was to make her look like she was caught unaware.  The shoot was in NSW at a friend of hers property.

model portfolios – Laura

Professional Model Portfolio photographer-Gold Coast

Laura, a fitness instructor seeks modelling work. Together we shot a  Professional Model Portfolio photographer-Gold Coast. I photographed Laura’s wedding back in 2011.

A few years later she was pregnant with Andy and came to me for a pregnancy shoot.

They loved the pregnancy  photos. When Andy was born she got me to photograph their  family portraits. This year being in better shape than she has ever been, is trying her hand at modelling.

We and I did these 3 looks over a few days, taking into consideration the best lighting times, whilst doing outdoor shoots. The photos shot in my beachfront studio at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast were not subject to lighting conditions. These can be done at any time of the day as we use professional studio lighting. Laura and I had a lot of fun doing these shoots. Model portfolios like boudoir photography can be very empowering for women and help with their confidence, femininity and sensuality.

Each model brings some of their own items to wear, working out themselves (with help) what sorts of looks they would like to do. I have a range of clothing for those who struggle with outfits and lots of accessories to co-ordinate.  I am able to help with hair makeup changes between shoots. I can also do your hair and make-up from scratch or organise a professional make-up artist for you if you do not have your own.

My favourite of Laura’s looks is the bohemian one, we did these photos at the back of a local cafe in Palm Beach.  There are so many beautiful locations on the Gold Coast.

I have a lot of knowledge of local locations for the shoots and all of the things I have listed are what makes me a Professional Model Portfolio photographer-Gold Coast -Palm Beach.

Family portraits – The Jacksons’

Family Portraits-Gold Coast

CHRISTMAS GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE…This stunning family from Brisbane recently had a family portrait photo shoot on Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast.  They have made comments of being so happy to have great photos for their wall now that their earliest daughter has left the Gold Coast.
Packages starting at $180.
Check out other family portrait shoots on my website.

chapel wedding – Tumbulgum

Wedding Photography-Tweed River Chapel

Wow, I was so worried when this day, 3rd of June began. Most will only remember the date if something else significant happened for them that day.  3rd of June 2016. Days in advance the weather bureau was predicting a cyclonic storm. People say, “Rainy days are supposed to be lucky for wedding days”, I was thinking to myself…. it may be lucky for the wedding couple but it certainly is not for the photographer. It was a very small wedding, Wedding Photography-Tweed River Chapel in Tumbulgum, a quaint little town in Northern NSW. So in this situation with no assistant it can be difficult. Cameras are not designed to be out in the rain, and neither are Brides!  Although early morning on this day was very still and calm gradually the storm built up over the day and by sunset when the wedding was planned for, there had already been quite a lot of rain. By 10pm that night it certainly was cyclonic. Amazingly though, as if god took Allan and Janets faith into consideration and stopped the rain for us to take the most amazing photos with unbelievable colours and clouds in the sky over the Tweed River.  The small but simple ceremony was really lovely. Pastor Rob is delightful and his wife Brenda Suttle at Tweed River Chapel in Tumbulgum has the voice of an angel. I went along to the reception at Twin Towns where a storm was danced up inside whilst the storm blew fiercely outside.    

Boomerang Farm – Gold Coast

Wedding Photography-Boomerang Farm-Gold Coast

This amazingly stunning wedding at Boomerang farm, Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast was a fantastic day for all the guests.  A beautiful sunny and still winter day on the farm. The bride looked just sensational and her groom rather dapper!  All the others in the opening photo are the brides children. A perfect opportunity to grab a family portrait with everyone so spruced up!

I highly recommend Boomerang Farm as a wedding venue. The staff were warm and helpful and the surrounds are great if it is a country style wedding on the Gold Coast that you are after.  In the photos you will see that the reception venue is lovely, like an old barn and with an open fire at one end, a great touch!

Jayne and Travis

Engagement Photography-Gold Coast

Jayne and Travis…they have to be the cutest couple ever!  Always love doing engagement photos especially when the couple are fun and easy to work with, the love and enthusiasm bursting from their eyeballs, its so lovely to capture this.     Its a great way to then get the ultimate, The Wedding Photography. Unfortunately in this case I had another wedding already booked on their date. The engagement photos were taken at their home in Tugun on the Gold Coast.

wedding photography – Nicky and Scott

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Wedding Photography-North Burleigh Heads-Gold Coast

As the photographer, I was freaking out when Nicky was standing on the edge of the cliff in her high heels, what a dare devil!  Made for some awesome Gold Coast wedding photos though. Sunset at North Burleigh head land what a great wedding location. The Gold Coast offers so many amazing beaches, for local weddings or to elope to.

wedding photography – Kristy and Gabe

Beach Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at an amazing beach house just North of Coffs Harbour at a place called Sapphire Beach.  As much as the Gold Coast is beautiful one day and perfect the next …. it was nice to take a drive down the coast and photograph a new beach. I am happy to travel this far but will certainly travel to weddings as far as Brisbane and Byron Bay with no travel costs, and without saying of course….Gold Coast wedding photography.

products – coffee concentrate

product photography-Gold Coastsimone-d-photography-100Simone D Photography now doing some product shots at competitive Gold Coast Prices.


Family portraits – fun, sun and lasting memories

Gold Coast Family Portraits

Simone D Photography have started photographing in some Gold Coast resorts i.e.. Turtle Beach Resort at Mermaid Beach.  Photographing within the resort and also at the beach 200 meters away at sunset and sunrise. There are some awesome pandanas palms there which are so photogenic. To make the leaflet for marketing this, Sharna and Randall who I photographed their wedding and family portraits for when Bohdie was a baby, agreed to pose for us. Thanks so much to Sharna, Randall and Bohdie for helping out and creating this fantastic shot which I would like to replicate at the resort for many more holidaying families.

Business Shots

Professional Head Shot Photography-Gold Coast

HEAD SHOTS-COST $199. I will do approx. 70-100 photos, photographed in my Palm Beach studio. on white red, black, grey, blue or a sand coloured backdrop.  Send you 20 best ones and then make any changes required to your favourite 3 photos. I am also happy to do a more creative type of head shot on location or build a set to suit for more creative industries, Extra charge on creative shoots $30.

I have photographed many professional types of people for their websites, linked-in, facebook, and other social media pages, for business cards and newsletters and etc. as well as for internet dating. On the page here you will find. Real Estate agents, a business coaches, 3 x naturopaths, chinese doctors and acupunturists, hairdressing team, dental team, copywriter, personal trainers, sales rep etc.
In a world of doing business on line and meeting online it is important for a lot of industries to have a professional photo of yourself, it makes people more comfortable having a face to the name and knowing who they are dealing with. SD

Family portraits – Kensi

Baby Photos

I love to photograph 3 month old babies!   It is such a pleasure to make them smile. Shot Kensi in my Palm Beach studio, looking forward to our 6 month shoot.

– 9MONTHS LATER……. I love it even more when you are rewarded with the knowledge that the family loved their photos so much that they came back for another shot when she was a year old. She’s still as cute as ever! Just a little more mischievous. S

Family portraits – Parkins Family

Family Photographs-Rainbow Bay and Currumbin Beach-Gold Coast

I first did this families portraits back in 2013 at Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast. This family is so photogenic! Rainbow Bay is a great photo spot in winter on the Gold Coast because the sun sets over the ocean because of the way the bay faces.  This family recently returned for some updated family portraits,  In 2017 we shoot the family portraits at Eco Village in Currumbin hinterland and also at Currumbin Beach at the spot called “The Alley”

I love doing updated family portraits on The Gold Coast and seeing the children grow up!

Recently I went to the families home to have my hair done by the mum, Kelly and get to see the wall of family photos from the first family photo shoot. Such a nice feeling to know that my work is being loved on their wall.  Loving it!!!


Wedding Photography Special offer  ..  WEEK DAY SPECIAL.

With most weddings being on a Saturday, a wedding photographer can only shoot on Saturdays.
It is fantastic when you get the weekday weddings, such a bonus!

On the Gold Coast we have lots of elopers from overseas and other parts of Australia.
The cost of getting married on weekdays is far cheaper, so they happen each and every day of the week. Locals also often get married on Fridays, it seems to be a new trend. If its not your first marriage and you are making it a small affair why not consider the weekday option.

I would like to offer 20% off all weekday wedding bookings and an upgrade gift, worth at least $150. call me to hear what that is. You will not be disappointed you did. This offer is valid as long as it remains here in my blog. Your booking will be treated with the same importance and the package will be the same as if it was on a Saturday or Sunday. I look forward to hearing from you!
0407 174 616

Simone D Photography.

Hula Girls

promotional photosmodel-portfolios-currumbinmodel-portfolio-tugan

These girls are available for hire on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. They are soooo….skilled with their hooping! Facebook…

Ginger Spin Ninja for bookings.

Cahill Family

pregnancy photography-Gold Coast

It was great woking with Laura and Ben on their wedding with people as far away as Italy. Since their wedding I have also had the pleasure  of photographing the couple while laura was pregnant with their first child, and soon after did photos of new born Andy at 5 days old.  You can see photos Laura and Bens’ wedding photos, which were taken at Knobbies Beach on the Gold Coast; in the “weddings portfolio” category.

Wedding Photography – Lynne and Danny

Back Yard Weddings

Lynne and Danny’s wedding took place in their own back yard, with a intimate bunch of friends and a couple of celebrities. The grooms brother was Shane Withington from Home and Away and his wife is Anne Tenney who was Molly Jones years ago on a country Practise. That was a little exciting!

no images were found

Wedding Photography – Yoko and Daniel

Wedding Photography-Burleigh Heads

This very cute and sweet Couple asked me to help with  Wedding Photography-Burleigh Heads.  In May, Yoko and Daniel decided on the middle of the day at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast  for their fairly small ceremony. Yoko’s mother and sister flew in from Japan for the wedding. Daniel’s family was there too and it was great to see the two cultures coming together in marriage.  Although Burleigh Heads can be busy, it has a wonderful buzz.

Local celebrant Taflyn Fiola conducted a beautiful ceremony as she does.

I really love Japanese people. One of my favourite nationalities. We photographed another wedding on the Gold Coast around the same time.  Japanese bride marries Aussie guy as well.  Ryoko and Chris and furthermore, both Japanese…..              Minako and Shunya.

Yoko and Daniel had their reception at Burleigh Surf Club. I went along and saw the beautiful set up of the reception room but I only photographed a mock cake cutting due to the couple choosing a small package of only 2 hours.  My 2 hour package starts at only $500 on a Saturday.  I offer specials on top of that for week day weddings.  It does not matter how large or small your wedding is.  We love photographing them all because they all are important. All weddings large and small are treated the same. Professionally edited to a high standard. The best photos are artistically altered. Besdies receiving the original image edited to a high standard, you also receive it in either black and white or sepia, if that suits the style (best for vintage looking weddings), or black and white with colour splashes.

Your photos are always ready for collection within 4 weeks, often before.  They are presented to you on USB unless of course you choose to have them printed, or a selection of them into a photo book. The books are amazing quality and it makes showing your photos to your friends and family easy for years to come.