Professional head shots/portraits Gold Coast

Professional Head Shots Head shot shoot - $250 - 20-30 minute photo shoot in one location with a change of clothes.
  Professional Head Shots-Acupunture in action-Palm Beach  Professional Head Shots-Alex-Yates-anchor-health-clinic-palm-beach  Professional Head Shots-head shot Lecia Bratt-Massage Therapist  Professional Head Shots-head shot at Palm Beach-Currumbin Creek  Professional Head Shots-head shot acupuncturist at Currumbin
 Professional Head Shots-corporate-groups-photography  Professional Head Shots-head shot in studio at Palm Beach   Professional Head Shots-Eco village-wellness advocate  Professional Head Shots-Earthmoving business  Professional Head Shots-sales rep
 Professional Head Shots-Business card with my photo  Professional Head Shots-personal trainer in studio at Palm Beach  Professional Head Shots-personal trainer at work Professional Head Shots-naturopath at Robina-Gold Coast  Professional Head Shots-wordsmith in studio at Palm Beach-Gold Coast
  Professional Head Shots-business card-entertainer>  Professional Head Shots-personal trainer Gold Coast  Professional Head Shots-immigration lawyer Gold Coast  Professional Head Shot-trades person-painter  Professional Head Shots-accountant Gold Coast
 Professional Head Shots-business card with my photo  Professional Head Shots-business coach Gold Coast   Professional Head Shots- whole body shot on Tugun Beach Gold Coast  Professional Head Shots-computer specialist-Currumbin- Gold Coast     Professional Head Shots-Real Estate Agent-Kirra Beach-Gold Coast  
    pProfessional Head Shots-Dental Team West Burleigh Gold Coast   Professional Head Shots-Real Estate Agent-Elanora-Gold Coast   Professional Head Shots-Doctor of Chinese Medicine-Melbourne  Professional Head Shots-housing loans Gold Coast   Professional Head Shots-Family Law-Burleigh Gold Coast
  Professional Head Shots-Gavin Topp-Fight like a pro, business head shot   Professional Head Shots-property manager-Gold Coast  Professional Head Shots-Real Estate Agent-Gold Coast   Professional Head Shots-social media specialist-Gold Coast  Professional Head Shots-video training-Burleigh Gold Coast
 Professional Head Shots-Naturopath-Mermaid Beach-Gold Coast  Professional Head Shots-fine arts student Gold Coast  Professional Head Shots-Actor-Musican Gold Coast  head shot for business professional Gold Coast
Professional Head Shots-Business-Acting. Obviously for acting you need head shots, in business your head shots are also very important, with everyone needing a website and we are going and looking at business's websites before hiring people for the job. We like to hire someone who looks professional, who is looking at the camera, the eyes are very important, the old saying "windows to the soul"  All professions need different head shots from each other,  for example real estate agents on plain backdrops, creative professions I usually like to do a more creative head shot. I have a studio with many different coloured back drops, I am happy to travel to the right location that suits your profession also.  The difference in head shots even comes down to your smile. If you are a lawyer for example more than a big smile I think the expression on your face should look like you are very intellectual, there are tricks to doing this. Happy for changes of clothing if you are unsure what to wear. I also have a short video blog at the top of this, Alex the acupuncturist is good at dealing off her spiel and I offer great prices on adding a short video to your head shot shoot, if you think you can real it off easily.  If not they can be cut and edited, but they do cost a bit more for that.  I love making people look great!