Family portraits – Kensi

Baby Photos

I love to photograph 3 month old babies!   It is such a pleasure to make them smile and they are getting to a stage where they hold themselves where you put them instead of just flopping down. I shot Kensi in my Palm Beach studio, looking forward to our 6 month shoot.

– 9 MONTHS LATER……. I love it even more when you are rewarded with the knowledge that the family loved their photos so much that they came back for another shot when she was a year old. She’s still as cute as ever! Just a little more mischievous. This is also a fun age to shoot if you can catch them, its not easy and you really feel like you have earned your money for sure at the end, challenging but fun!

Next with my side business Simmy D Photo Books I will be creating a baby book for Kensi with a mix of her photos and my professional ones.  I will provide a link to view that as soon as it has arrived from the printing company.