Family Portraits – Sarah and her baby bump

Pregnancy Photos-Gold Coast

Along with model portfolios and boudoir photos, I also put pregnancy photos in this category, of making women look great and have memories they are proud to bring out for their friends and family for years to come.  I have a beachfront studio at Palm Beach and lots of props etc to help to hide the bits you need to hide and enhance the bits you do want to make a feature of like your pregnant belly.  I can do just your pregnancy photos or I can do an affordable package deal with new born photos to be done one month later. Two very different shoots but both part of your babies identity in the baby book. With Sarahs photos, featured in this blog, we did quite a lot of different looks, that is how I charge for pregnancy photos…by how many looks you want. I have pinned lots of different photos that I would be able to do at my beachfront studio at Palm Beach onto a Pinterest board if you would like to go there for some ideas. Happy to work with what you want, or you can leave the creativity to me, up to you. Either way you will end up with some great pregnancy photos.