wedding photography – Nicky and Scott

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Wedding Photography-North Burleigh Heads-Gold Coast

As a photographer, terrified of heights…I was freaking out when Nicky was standing on the edge of the cliff in her high heels,  what a dare devil!  Made for some awesome Gold Coast wedding photos though. Sunset at North Burleigh head land what a great wedding location. The Gold Coast offers so many amazing beaches, for local weddings or to elope to.  Burleigh Heads is a very popular wedding spot, there is the north and south, with North having the amazing lookout over the entire Gold Coast, and the pathway to it, is a great place to get sultry naturally lit photos of the bride and groom walking to the lookout. North Burleigh also has some photogenic pandanus trees that really add to the edge of a photo, or provide enough of a sunblock to photograph under with the sun behind. The reception for this wedding was held at North Burleigh Surf Club there function room has an incredible view and they always put on a good party!

Business Shots

Professional Head Shot Photography-Gold Coast

HEAD SHOTS-COST $199. I will do approx. 70-100 photos, photographed in my Palm Beach studio. on white red, black, grey, blue or a sand coloured backdrop.  Send you 20 best ones and then make any changes required to your favourite 3 photos. I am also happy to do a more creative type of head shot on location or build a set to suit for more creative industries, Extra charge on creative shoots $30.

I have photographed many professional types of people for their websites, linked-in, facebook, and other social media pages, for business cards and newsletters and etc. as well as for internet dating. On the page here you will find. Real Estate agents, a business coaches, 3 x naturopaths, chinese doctors and acupunturists, hairdressing team, dental team, copywriter, personal trainers, sales rep etc.
In a world of doing business on line and meeting online it is important for a lot of industries to have a professional photo of yourself, it makes people more comfortable having a face to the name and knowing who they are dealing with. SD