Wedding Photography – Felicity and Mark

Wedding Photography-Stradbroke Island

So often I find wedding couples choosing to have their wedding photography-Stradbroke Island are really easygoing and always easy to work with before and on the big day. This works for me,  I have a lot of experience and you do not have to sweat the small stuff when it comes to the photos. I am quick thinking, and able to improvise with what ever is thrown at me.  This shoot was my first time at: wedding photography-Stradbroke Island discovering the sand dunes on the Eastern Side of the Island. These are a photographers paradise, but you will want to leave the heels behind!

Felicity and Mark, are a fun and truly beautiful local Gold Coast couple destined to meet each other. This was quite a long day. We started at Sheraton Mirage. The next stage was at  Marina Mirage. Next, boarding boats to travel to Stradbroke Island whilst keeping Felicity and Mark from seeing each other. Mark and the groomsmen boarded a very fast speed boat and were out of there in no time.  Felicity, the girls and her parents had some more cover on their boat and the 40 minutes to McClarens Landing was a very pleasurable trip.  The guests arrived on another big boat, ready for a 3pm Ceremony. They travelled in real style!

The Ceremony was lovely, with the sun streaming through the trees and the water sparkling.  Felicities dad walked her down the aisle, later Marks younger sister sung a song like an angel and you could feel the love in the air. Two very nice families in unity.

As Felicity and Mark love black and white photos, .I did up quite a few of these in the editing. Also black and white with splashes of colour,  which really highlighted  the sunset beach photos with the old land cruiser.